Writing with clarity

Write clearly, I remind myself. Obscurity may have its pleasures, but readers want your insight, your experience, your wisdom made plain. They appreciate clarity.

So I will say plainly, clarity too has its pleasures, not least the satisfaction of knowing that others will hear what you say and may even want to hear more.

To hear more, readers need language that is understandable and shareable. And sharing brings all of us closer to our better selves, those elusive angels that Lincoln had hoped would sew up the torn cloth of union. When we become clear, our words become the shared ground of understanding and connection. We may disagree, but we understand clearly and without pretension who we are and where we stand.

Throw aside the curtain, say what needs to be said in words that need no translation, no explanation nor demonstration. Leave the obfuscation for darker souls.

Clarity is the beginning of change.

[Daily post 080 of 260 in my year-long challenge.] ♨

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