Solidly out of touch

With a little sip of coffee and a big swig of delight
I would mix you with my grounds, tell you what I’ve found
As you worm your way inside my dogbeatened heart.
Can we ever really say for sure where we will start and when
We will find our end?

I laid my tired self down in the slightly wetted grass,
Stretched out my arms, then one leg and another,
And opened my eyes to a clearing in the clouds.

That was when I saw what you were all about,
Prancing around as you did like a pony on a string.
And for me, the hardest thing about it all
Was holding tight to the other end of your long braided rope.

You told me nope, you’re not having any more.
And with that we saw at once the closing door,
Shades down over the glass, little pieces of life
Spilling out on their ass.

Damn, it was a hard time knowing you.
But I never learned so much as from watching you
Do your stuff.

And now we’re both just like you said we would one day be,
Solidly out of touch.

[Daily post 074 of 260  in my year-long challenge— this poem appeared in my notebook in April, 2016.] ♨

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