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Making a difference

Making a living is nothing; the great difficulty is making a point, making a difference—with words.”—Elizabeth Hardwick

Everyone needs to “make a living,” to find a way to feed and clothe themselves, to provide housing and care for themselves, to gain the means to enjoy life and make it meaningful. But as Elizabeth Hardwick insists, the economics of life are secondary to making a point, making a difference.

A former student recently asked me about pursuing an academic career. Among other perspectives I shared about higher education, I told her that although I am very pleased and grateful to teach at the college level, and there are many advantages to this profession, money is not one of them. It is not unusual for students to finish college with higher starting salaries than their professors. But, my satisfaction comes from making a difference, and I make enough of a living to sustain the opportunity to make differences in people’s lives every week.

When life is through and the money is all spent, the differences we have made in other people’s lives will remain.

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