First date

Listening for our humanity

Listening distinguishes greatness among humans. As a species, our oversized brains both bless and curse us with language. Our gift of gab allows the most miraculous achievements of humankind, but it also has hindered our most human attribute, the ability to listen attentively and hear empathetically.

Our ability to listen, I propose, not language, distinguishes us as humans. Our connections with each other as social beings and our concern for the wellbeing of others that allows us to thrive as a species relies decisively on listening, hearing, and attending to each other.

The greatest among us, the most human of humans,  are not those who have piled up the largest fortunes, those with great power on the world’s political stages, the elite athletes of incredible physical prowess, the most eloquent speakers or writers, or even the most creative artists. The greatest are those who listen, hear, and feel for others. All else begins in listening.

First date
First date (Photo by Rodrigo Paredes, Argentina, 2015)

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