Dancer by the sea

Finding your bliss here and now

It’s a myth that in order to be truly happy, you need to find and pursue your one true passion. Many people have joyous lives filled with interests and hobbies and people they love, but not passions.” — Kate Kiefer Lee

Dancer by the sea
Dancer by the sea (Photo by T.S. Bremer, 2009)

Joseph Campbell’s famous advice to “follow your bliss” has inspired many people to focus more on their passion. But is there risk of too much commitment to passion that sets us up for disappointment?

Another possibility turns Campbell’s advice on its head: Find your bliss where you are. Kate Kiefer Lee suggests “a more achievable goal than ‘follow your dreams’: be engaged at work. Look for meaning in it.”

Can we be passionate about whatever circumstances life serves up to us? What bliss might we discover wherever we are, whatever we are doing, whoever we are with?

We might imagine our bliss in some distant place or some potential vocation, but there is plenty of joy to be found right where we’re at here and now. Rather than seeking fulfillment elsewhere, we can cultivate our passions in the soil where we’ve landed. And our delight will blossom into new passions we never imagined.

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