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Today I begin a new challenge for myself: a daily post every weekday for the next year, a total of 260 posts. My intention for these posts is to write at least a two-paragraph essay on whatever topic has my attention.  Some will be longer, some very short. Many will have to do with my current writing project. Others may come from interesting conversations, something I have read, or some random thought that has captured my interest. You can find the most recent posts listed on the Causeries page.

The goal of this exercise is twofold: 1) a commitment to the discipline of daily writing that is accountable by being public (even though at this point I have only three readers following my blog, and two of us live in the same house); 2) to practice better writing with clarity and conciseness. My intention is to sharpen my writing skills and increase my level of activity through a regular practice of daily writing. And perhaps along the way there will be a few worthwhile moments for readers. ♨

[Epilogue: finished the challenge on January 9, 2019, with post 105]

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