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A challenge comes to its successful but inglorious end: daily post 105 of 105

For those who have been paying attention, my self-challenge to post something daily has skidded to a standstill. I met the challenge faithfully without exception for 80 posts, 16 straight weeks of weekday posts. Then I missed one day, and another, and the posts have been pretty haphazard since October.

A new year has brought new intentions, new priorities, and new challenges. So this will be my last in the challenge I set for myself in June to post something every weekday for a year. At 105, I fell far short of the 260 posts I imagined completing when I started last summer.

Not completing the challenge, though, does not in any way feel like failure. Getting to 260 daily posts was never the essential objective of the exercise. As I set the course for myself, my intentions had to do with discipline and practice. By those standards, challenging myself has succeeded marvelously. I now write more consistently and with greater skill than before I began. Even though the posts have dwindled, the writing continues daily with care and diligence.

My attentions now are fixed on finishing the Yellowstone book, which has gained considerable momentum in recent weeks.  I also have a scholarly essay to compose before summer, and I am keeping up a regular journaling habit. I will continue posting items here, but I make no promises of when they will appear. I intend to post something every week, but intention is not a promise.

Yes, I have abandoned my year-long challenge of daily posts, but I am not done. More good words come every day, and some of them will appear here. ♨

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