Surf teacher

Be a Teacher

Surf teacher
Teacher in the surf (Photo courtesy Surfcamp, via Wikimedia)

On a recent flight I enjoyed a rambling conversation with my seatmate about life, writing, learning, teaching, and the future of the world. At one point she asked, “How do we have an impact?”

Without hesitation I replied, “Be a teacher.” Then after a slight pause, I continued. “In what you do, what you say, what you write, how you act, how you relate to others, who you are. Always be a teacher.”

In these days of uncertainty, when ignorance, lies, disgusting behavior, and cynical narcissism are becoming normalized by people at the highest levels of our society, teachers are needed more than ever. We must all resist the hatred, ignorance, and meanness of those in power in our own way with our own talents and skills. For me, that means to be a teacher, always, everywhere, with everyone. ♨

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